Our SimplyGOOD™ Fresh-made sandwiches are prepared fresh on a daily basis.
We assemble all the ingredients from scratch with just the right proportions
and then they are packaged immediately and fresh-chilled to retain optimum freshness.
All of our sandwiches are available on white or brown bread and in a variety of formats
to best suit your needs.

Breads & Rolls

The perfect accompaniment to breakfast, soups, stews and chili. Our frozen breads and rolls mean they’re ‘always fresh’!

    • Individually-wrapped options for optimal safety and convenience
    • Save major time, labour and energy with our pre-made – available with or without margarine
Toast, White, Plain
Code 0010
Packed 1 x 3.12 kg
Portions 80 x 39 g
Toast, White, With Margarine
Code 0011
Packed 1 x 3.36 kg
Portions 42 g x 80
Toast, Brown, Plain
Code 0012
Packed 1 x 3.12 kg
Portions 39 g x 80
Toast, Brown, With Margarine
Code 0013
Packed 1 x 3.36 kg
Portions 42 g x 80
Bread, White, Wrapped
Code 0015
Packed 1 X 2.88 kg
Portions 30 g x 96
Bread, Brown, Wrapped
Code 0016
Packed 1 X 2.88 kg
Portions 30 g x 96
Dinner Rolls, White, Wrapped
Code 0024
Packed 48 X 38 g
Portions 38 g x 48
Dinner Rolls, Whole Wheat, Wrapped
Code 0025
Packed 48 X 30 g
Portions 30 g x 48