Handcrafted, wholesome and delicious desserts and snacks designed to satisfy.
We mix them from scratch using all- natural ingredients and then bake them in small batches just like you would at home. You’ll take great pride in serving this flavourful assortment of products produced in our nut-free facility.
Consider us your in-house bakery!

Cookies & Biscuits

  • Home-style taste, texture and appearance
  • Multi and single-serve options available
  • Our Tea Biscuits are truly delightful when served warm
Oatmeal Cookies
Code 0879
Packed 1 X 1.88 kg
Portions 15 g X 125
Molasses Cookies, Wrapped
Code 0880
Packed 60 X 35 g
Portions 35 g x 60
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Wrapped
Code 0881
Packed 75 X 40 g
Portions 40 g x 75
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wrapped
Code 0882
Packed 75 X 40 g
Portions 40 g x 75
Tea Biscuits
Code 0905
Packed 1 X 2.34 kg
Portions 65 g x 36