Are you ready for IDSSI?

January 2019 is only a few months away. Seems like only yesterday we were just becoming familiar with IDDSI. Now, almost 3 years later, we are getting close to crossing the finish line.

Finding IDDSI compliant products faster with our new IDDSI labeling

Labeling of IDDSI compliant products will be added on PIM sheets and on our new Texture Modified product brochure. Product names will remain the same.

  • PIM sheets: mention at the bottom with the IDDSI level name and number identification to be implemented by January 2019.
  • Product Brochure: Products compatible with IDDSI are identified with IDDSI triangle labels on our new Texture Modified brochure that is now available. To download your electronic copy, visit our Resource page.

What changes can you expect for the reformulated IDDSI compliant products?

Many of our current products are compliant with the IDDSI framework while some have been reformulated to meet the IDDSI standards.

Here are changes you can expect for reformulated texture modified items:

Criteria Changes to be expected
SKU number No change
Pack size No change
Allergens No change
Ingredients Will be slightly affected for some reformulated products
Nutritionals Will be slightly affected for some reformulated products
PIM sheets Will be re-issued with all changes and IDDSI labeling

HFS’s Support of the IDDSI Initiative

HFS is a member of the Canadian IDDSI Expert Reference Group (CIERG) that will guide the national implementation of IDDSI in all areas of practice. As new implementation tools and stories see the light, HFS will share best practices and tips for implementing IDDSI with healthcare foodservice leaders across Canada.

For more information about IDDSI, visit their website.

You have more questions about the IDDSI implementation at HFS? Contact Clodie Gravel, Dietitian and Head of Client Care by email at