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HFS :: Experts in Healthcare Food

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Regular Foods


A perfect start to the day begins with an HFS breakfast


The secret to more soup selection and less preparation is in the bag


Salad freshness in every bite


The quality you want in a sandwich is safe with us


Entrées that blend national nutrition standards with local flavor

Sauces & Gravies

Sauces and gravies perfect as they are, or as building blocks to produce your own varieties

Starches & Side Dishes

Starches and side dishes that generate high daily yields, with little investment of time


Portion controlled desserts help sweeten the deal

Special Diets


Energy controlled

Energy controlled products, for the love of desserts

Low Sodium

Low sodium products you can always count on

Texture modified

When it comes to texture modified foods, consistency is one of our best qualities


At HFS, meatless clearly means more variety

Special Needs

The HFS Special Need alternative tastes better, costs less than supplements


Product Development Team

Masters of healthcare food minding your business

Registered Dietitians

You put a value on nutrition - so do we

Quality Assurance Technicians

Products that perform to your standards of quality

Healthcare Account Specialists

There's nobody more qualified to do lunch with you

About Us


HFS is the complete package, but you decide what
goes in


State-of-the-art facilities that bring out the art of cooking


Job opportunities in the food industry


Reach us any way you like

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